miércoles, 14 de enero de 2009

EARTHQUAKE in Costa Rica!!

Sadly today I have to share sad news. Last January 8 at 1:21 pm we suffer here in Costa Rica an earthquake of 6,2 degrees in the Richter scale, felt very strong in ours capital, nevertheless at the beginning we think that we had not had more than minimum material damages.

Was hours and days after that we realize the true magnitude of the disaster. The first known victims were two girls one of 13 and the other of 14 years old who went walking along the street when part of the mountain buried them; when the hours passing by the authorities counted the damages and the disappeared persons, until today already there are 20 dead persons and 40 disappeared persons.

But in all this tragedy I have to bring out something good, and inside all this tragedy that puts in mourning to Costa Rica, I’m so pride to be able to say that this country has kindhearted and valuable people, since the same day of the earthquake have not stopped to arrive aids of all types, many youths have gone to the place to offer their hands and their services to excavate, other people have given donations of food, mattresses and hot clothes since the zone is extremely cold, in the last hours professional of diverse branches have donated their services as psychologists, doctors, actors and clowns that have helped to distract and of any way to bring happiness to the life to the victims that are in the shelters.

It is great to know that Costa Rica is a supportive country that suffers the pain of the neighbor as its own, now, only remains us to work and to see how can we help the Cinchona people to return to the normal life that all they had lost.

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tara dijo...

oh wow - I'm so sorry for everyone affected by this. I hope you and your loved ones are safe.

The Milkshake dijo...

I am so sorry!! :o(
What a tragedy!