miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2009

Starting a New Experiment!!

Hi, I’m so happy to celebrate my 1st anniversary on Etsy!!!

And I want share this amazing post that I read on Etsy Forum, is perfect and very motivated for this moment in my life when I want to put all my heart and soul in my shop.

When I read it, I just have one thought in my mind: “I need to do all this tips and blog about my progress, let see if I can get a 100 sales in 3 months like Savor Shop.

Here are the tips (if you want to read the complete post click here)

“Here are my thoughts on starting your own snowball:

-- Get two or three pages of inventory up quickly. You may get a lot of traffic to y
our store, but if there is nothing to buy or not a lot of choice, you won't get many sales

-- Relist and renew your items daily. Do not wait for that magic time -- it does not exist. Relist in batches whenever possible, make a big visual impact in the search results

-- Have clear store policies. Anticipate what can go wrong and plan for it and budget for it

-- Ship international!!!!

-- Take a look at what is on the front page. If you like a front page item, heart it. Yo
u never know if someone looks at a front page item and then checks to see who hearts it. If your avatar is interesting, maybe they will visit your shop! Think about six degrees of separation.

-- If you see someone likes to make a lot of treasuries, get to know them! Post comments in their treasuries, check out the items that they like, study what makes a good treasury. Make your own if you can get one!

-- Join a team. They will help you get into treasuries.

-- Treat your customers with respect at all times. Don't complain publicly about disputes even if that buyer doesn't see you, your potential buyers DO see how you handle problems. Keep that in mind at all times. Thank your customers, make sure their items are well presented and packaged, and never cut corners. You can always ask for help on the forums, but negative posts will drive customers away.

I hope people will find this helpful, I wanted to share my experience of selling on Etsy.”

Amazing ah?? I think is great, so I will start to list a item or two daily, I will take half and hour to renew my actual items, I will post in all the forums that I can.

I know this will be hard for me because I have a regular job, and sometime is heart to produce new items at night before a very hard day, but I want to my shop succeed on this marvelous site so I will put all my soul on this.

If you know about other tips that can help etsians sellers please share them, I will post my progress next week.

lunes, 10 de agosto de 2009